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Project funding

Our projects are mainly financed by large contributions. They can be either one-off contributions or longer-term obligations depending on the project, typically 10 years.

Become a sponsor
As a sponsor, you support the girls over a longer period, typically 10 years. The contributions are tax deductible in the taxable income, see Tax.

You will have the opportunity to have close contact with the project and control it. You can visit the project and live in our village for a shorter or longer period. Alternatively, there is a good hotel in Tranquebar 7 kilometers from Enable For life.

The sponsors can, of course, choose to use their sponsorship in the marketing of the marketing of their business internally or externally. Enable is happy to help with this. In addition, the sponsors are mentioned on Enable's website, if desired.

If you or your company are interested, please contact us by mail or phone.

We like to meet or come to you and give lectures or speeches.


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Vi er også støttet af store sponsors bl.a.

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