Enable For Life

Enable is an independent charity that works to give orphaned girls a safe childhood and a future where they can be independent. We have started the construction of a small village for children.

The children’s village is located outside Tranquebar, Tamil Nadu in Southeast India. Like other places in India, there are many children who are all alone in the world and desperately need help. Our children’s village is designed so that the children live in small houses around a large open space.

The goal is to create a structure that is as close as possible to what ordinary Indian families experience, and creating a safe and loving framework for the children.

Children's village Enable

We provide children with an education so that they can have a promising future.

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Enable for life - We make a difference

We have no administrative costs. All contributions go straight to supporting the girls.

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There are a lot of children who need our help, so we really need your support.

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If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us.

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