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How to make a contribution

We need at least 100 gifts each year of at least 200 Danish kroner in order to remain registered as a public charity association.

200 Danish kroner covers the food expenses for a girl for 80 days.

750 Danish kroner covers the annual school expenses for one of the girls

Use the following payment options if you wish to support us through a donation

If you would like tax deductions for your contribution, please select payment via MobilePay or enter your in the bank transfer comments box.

Bank transfer – Remember to enter your email
Danish bank
Registration number. 3201
Account 10177693
Foreign Transfers – Remember to enter your email
IBAN DK 55 3000 0010 1776 93
Mobile Pay
38741 – Yes only 5 digits
Credit cards
You can pay with your credit card via PayPal

Membership fee and gift – preferred

Membership fee only

Another Amount