» Com and enjoy a terrific evening «

Thursday, March 01, 2018 at 18:30   d. 01 marts 2018 kl. 18.30

– Delicious 4-course menu
– Live music
– With entertainment by Anders Bircow and Joachim Solberg

All this for 900 kr per person!

Enable invites you to a charity dinner

 It will all be taking place at Restaurant Charlottenlund Fort, Thursday, March 1, 2018 at 18:30

All of the profits from the evening’s dinner goes to Enable’s children’s village in India. In the village, over 100 orphaned girls get a safe
upbringing in a secure environment, rather than a life on the streets. In addition, Enable finances their education so that they can have a hopeful future.

Is the price for one year's college attendance

Girls at college already

More girls will be able to attend college after the charity dinner

Sold out in record time

We are very proud to announce that the dinner has already been sold out! Many thanks for your huge support. We’re sorry, of course, that there are no more seats for this event, but keep an eye on Enable’s page on Facebook and here on the website as it is definitely not the last event of this kind.

Pickled skorzonera roots

Cod roe, ash and nasturtium flowers

Gravad laks

Spicy yogurt, leek & cress

Grillet beef

Salted celery, Walnut Pesto, Grilled Onions & Red Wine Glace

Braised pineapple

Marcipan, roasted almonds & rum

» Evening Program «


The doors open to the restaurant


Anders Bircow welcomes the guests


Pickled skorzonera roots
Cod roe, ash and nasturtium flowers

Gravad laks
Spicy yogurt, leek & cress


Find out more about Enable and the girls

Main course

Grilled beef                                         Salted celery, Walnut Pesto, Grilled Onions & Red Wine Glace


Anders Bircow

Anders informs and entertains

Larsen & Solberg

Magic, humor and a great atmosphere

Dessert & lottery

Gifts for the lucky ones

Braised pineapple                      Marcipan, roasted almonds & rum

Conclusion and questions

Thanks for tonight and time for answering any questions